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Aside from a very busy New Year’s schedule, Ibiza’s super-clubs are on sabbatical now for winter. However, the island’s global influence continues elsewhere in the world.

During the low-season, we bring you club reviews from Ibiza favourites at other party destinations from around the world.

For the next in the series, we recognise the significance of South American cultural movement, Bresh, selling-out London venue Electric Brixton. The Reggaeton hype-train has most definitely hit UK shores! Global domination edges ever closer.

Bresh | Electric Brixton | Saturday 12 November

South America and its passionate legion of young music fans has long been a clubbing stronghold. This year, the region exported one of its hottest current club brands to the White Isle.

Bresh draws the crowds to Amnesia Ibiza

Direct from Argentina, Bresh docked at Amnesia for five parties that capitalised on Reggaeton’s ever-widening appeal.

At the same time it was throwing its Ibiza closing party, some 2,000 km away in south London, Bresh took over Electric Brixton – breaching time zones with simultaneous events. After the unmitigated success of that maiden outing, Bresh returned to the UK capital last weekend.

With its multi-cultural community and rich musical heritage, Brixton is the ideal setting for this Latin invasion. From Bowie to Soul II Soul, Eddy Grant to Skunk Anansie, revolution by music has been a recurring theme. Reggaeton is just the latest in a long line to disrupt the status quo.

Check-out our favourite snaps from the night.

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

Caught in the floodlights

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

Camo vest, combats and a piece of string thiiiiiiiis long

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

Working the crowd into a hot lather

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

In the middle of the mixer

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

Strike a pose

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

CO2 in stereo

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

The people of Bresh – a stylish bunch

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

Crystal Maze simulation activated!

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

The equipment hire insurance policy paid for itself

Bresh London | Electric Brixton | by Rolf Veyl

End scene: lights come up on a full house

In the twelve months from January 2022, Latin music is forecast to gross over $1 billion in the United States alone. That’s before you take into consideration its highly lucrative market in southern Europe. Year-on-year, it has steadily increased its market share.

Those are impressive stats. We are witnessing a tectonic shift in the musical landscape.

There’s no stopping the rise of Reggaeton. Bresh’s brace of sell-out parties at Electric Brixton are testament to its ever-growing popularity.

Bresh returns to London for a third outing early next year. Once again in collaboration with local promoters COGO, the full gang are back at Electric Brixton on Friday 10 February.

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In the interim, we’ll bring you more Ibiza worldwide reviews from the UK and beyond in the coming weeks. For an in depth analysis of Ibiza 2022, read our full season review.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rolf Veyl


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