Lewisham rated the happiest place to live in south east London

Lewisham has been rated the “happiest borough” in the whole of south east London, according to new data.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has used the results of a national survey which asked people to rate their level of happiness during the 12 months up to March 2022 to give district and borough council areas an average figure.

People were asked to rate their life satisfaction, happiness, and anxiety levels out of 10.

Lewisham ranked the highest, with a score of 7.44 for happiness.

Bromley was rated a score of 7.26 whilst Bexley came in third with a score of 7.26.

Greenwich scored the lowest with 7.11 out of ten.

Below is the ratings of life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety in each of the south east London boroughs 


Life satisfaction – 7.43

Happiness – 7.26

Anxiety – 3.0


Life satisfaction – 7.44

Happiness – 7.26

Anxiety – 3.31


Life satisfaction – 7.50

Happiness – 7.44

Anxiety – 3.02


Life satisfaction – 7.24

Happiness – 7.11

Anxiety- 3.65

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