Emergency services called following suspected chemical spillage in South East London – UKNIP

Emergency crews and specialists have been called following a large spillage of  Hydrochloric acid on the Peabody Estate in Camberwell this evening.

Firefighters, Police and Ambulance crews were all called to the Camberwell Green Estate just before 8pm on Friday evening following reports of a large spillage of chemicals within a property in a block on the

A number of residents have been evacuated and firefighters have been seen entering a flat wearing chemical suits and breathing apparatus.

Two fire engines, two command units and a specialist “DIM” Detection, identification and monitoring decontamination unit can be seen within the parking area.

The cause of the spillage or why the chemical is being kept with the property has yet to be established.

Hydrochloric acid in contact with skin or other tissues can cause chemical burns that can be severe. Hydrochloric acid in the eyes can cause blindness. The severity depends upon the concentration of the acid and the amount of time it is left in contact with the tissues.

London Ambulance has sent a number of resources to the ongoing incident.

Police, the London Fire Brigade and the LAS have all been approached for comment.


More to follow



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