Footballer Marcus Rashford supports Tower Hamlets youngsters

England World Cup goalscorer Marcus Rashford named an East London teenager as a national award winner in an online awards presentation.

The Manchester Utd striker spoke to young people at the Osmani Trust youth club in Tower Hamlets as they celebrated their graduation from the Natwest Thrive programme sessions.

The programme to help young people understand money was supported by the National Youth Agency and ran at youth clubs across the country during the summer.

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During the online awards event, hosted by TikTok star Luke Vernon, Rashford took the time to hear the youngsters’ stories first-hand, presenting young people with prizes for their achievements and dedication.

Masum, 17, was revealed as one of 12 national award winners, before scooping the overall national award for his eagerness to learn and ask questions, which helped other young people feel confident.

Masum said: “I really enjoyed the NatWest Thrive sessions. They were fun but I learned a lot as well.

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“I went to the sessions knowing what I want in the future but it made me really think about how I’m going to achieve my dreams.

“It’s partly because of taking part that I’ve gone back to college as I know the steps I need to take to get where I want to be.

“It was brilliant to meet Marcus at our graduation too. It was amazing to speak to him and hear his advice.”

All of the young people at the event took home a graduation box filled with NatWest Thrive goodies and gifts to recognise their achievements, as well as a signed card from Marcus.

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Marcus Rashford said: “I’ve loved seeing how young people have embraced NatWest Thrive this summer – seeing what they have learnt and what they have taken away from the programme.

“Seeing them being open to trying new things and seeing their confidence grow throughout was just brilliant.

“Many young people view money only as the root cause of anxiety and stress in the household and it is very rarely spoken about, at risk of upsetting those around you, so it was so important with NatWest Thrive that we approached the programme sensitively and with the aim of adjusting that mindset.

“Young people need to be able to visualise a successful future, and better understand the steps that need to be taken to achieve those goals.”

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