Carlisle London Road speeder was over the drink drive limit – court

MAGISTRATES have imposed a 17-month ban on a young motorist who was caught drink driving near to Carlisle city centre.

Callum Tyson, 28, was caught shortly before 1am on October 30 as he drove along London Road, his car having been noticed by police a few minutes earlier when he suddenly switched lanes in Wilfrid Street, the city’s Rickergate court heard. 

As he drove his Peugeot car along London Road, police noticed his speed rise to 40mph – above the speed limit for that area – and decided to stop him. “He told the officers he’d had a couple of drinks,” prosecutor Pam Ward.

But a breath test confirmed that he was almost twice the drink drive limit.

John Smith, defending, said there had been no traffic nearby and the defendant was cooperative and polite with the police officers. Magistrates imposed a £361 fine and £85 costs as well as the ban.

They offered Tyson, of Ripon Street, Preston, the drink driver rehabilitation course, which will reduce his ban by 17 weeks if completed by a deadline. He must also pay a £144 victim surcharge.

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