MasterChef: The Professionals: The south west London stars

Two contestants from south west London will be featuring on “the UK’s most revered cooking competition” tonight (November 15).

On MasterChef: The Professionals, judges Anna Haugh, Marcus Wareing and Gregg Wallace will be looking for a new culinary star.

Tonight we will see four chefs try and hold their nerve under the watchful eyes of the judges during the Skills Test segment and then cook two dishes of their own design in the Signature Menu round.

Only those who can keep their cool and brilliantly execute their food will have future in the competition – with only the strongest two to earn a place in the Quarter Final.

Tasoula, 27, from Colliers Wood will be trying to wow the judges on the show this evening.

She was born in Albania and grew up in Greece – she described her cooking style as clean and creative as she grew up in a small village “so foraging and fresh food was a part of her everyday life”.

Tasoula said: “Growing up I loved watching MasterChef in Greece and this inspired me hugely.

“Seeing the food the chefs created was incredible and it made me want to explore food further, so I went and enrolled in cookery school.

“I fell in love instantly. The world of food and the life of a chef are both so creative, but at the same time being successful as a chef requires a lot of discipline and ambition.

“I love both of these elements and the challenges they bring.

“I wanted to test myself again and prove that it doesn’t matter where you come from, whether you’re a woman or man, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

“You just need to put the work in, stay disciplined, focused and humble.”

Shane, 39, is another contestant to feature tonight – he grew up in Brixton and has spent most of his life living in Streatham.

He describes his cooking style as modern European food with Jamaican and Asian influences.

Shane said: “I got into cooking as a young lad watching and helping my mum and dad around the kitchen – mum being the better cook.

“What I love about cooking is the way you can be creative with your presentation, memorable flavours, and place your identity or a culture on a plate.

“I wanted to test, challenge and push my boundaries as a chef – and what an experience it was too.

“I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and experience to meet and cook against some incredible chefs and competitors within the catering industry.”

Shane and Tasoula will be competing on MasterChef: The Professionals tonight (Tuesday November 15) at 9pm, on BBC One and iPlayer in a bid to get through to Thursday’s Quarter Final at 8pm.

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