Knotweed case: Woman who sued neighbour is left with £100,000 legal bill | News

A row over Japanese knotweed has landed a north London resident with a bill for £100,000 after a judge accepted that her neighbour was not a keen gardener.

Charron Ishmael told a court that an infestation of Japanese knotweed, or reynoutria japonica, had burst through the fence that separated her garden from her neighbour’s and as a result had devalued her property by £150,000.

Ishmael blamed Sheila Clark, a 72-year-old retired NHS consultant, for failing to take any action to uproot the invasive perennial plant despite being aware that it had been in her garden for years.

The court heard that the plant is notoriously destructive and difficult to eradicate.

Ishmael sued her neighbour but a judge at Central London county court has dismissed her

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