CR0 4TD, Viridor South London Limited: environmental permit application advertisement – EPR/GP3305LN/V003

CR0 4TD, Viridor South London Limited: environmental permit application advertisement – EPR/GP3305LN/V003

Details of the application

The Environment Agency has received an application to vary an environmental permit under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 involving substantial change to a permit from Viridor South London Limited.

Application number


Regulated facility type

• Variation of the main listed activity (S5.1 A1 (b) The incineration of non-hazardous waste in a waste incineration plant with a capacity of 3 tonnes per hour or more) to increase the processing capacity of the Energy Recovery Facility to 382,286 tonnes per annum

• Amend the emission points locations and associated emission limits (where appropriate) stated within the environmental permit for discharges to surface water and sewer, and incorporate an additional emissions point ‘A4’ for emissions from the shredder at the Waste Transfer Station;

• Consolidate the environmental permit for the Waste Transfer Station into the environmental permit for the Energy Recovery Facility, so that the two activities are regulated under a single environmental permit;

• Include additional European Waste Catalogue codes for the operation of the Waste Transfer Station

Regulated facility address

Beddington Energy Recovery Facility

Beddington Lane




The application contains a description of how the proposed change(s) may affect:

  • the installation
  • the materials, substances and energy it will use and generate
  • the conditions of its site
  • the source, nature and quantity of its foreseeable emissions and their significant effects on the environment
  • the proposed techniques for preventing, reducing, and monitoring its emissions and preventing and recovering waste
  • and an outline of the main alternatives, if any, considered

If you have any comments on the application send these by 23 December 2022.

You can comment:

Online: view and comment on the application using Citizen Space

Via email: [email protected]

For advice about how to make a representation or if you are unable to make a representation via e-mail, please call 03708 506 506.

The Environment Agency will normally put any comments it receives on the public register. This includes your name but not your personal contact details. Please tell us if you do not want your response to be public.

The privacy notice for permit applicants/operators can be viewed at Privacy Notice

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