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Type 2 diabetes is one of the most serious health conditions we face in the UK, but the reality is that many cases could be prevented or delayed.

So, for this year’s World Diabetes Day on November 14, Diabetes UK and our long-standing partners Tesco are launching a campaign to drive a million people to better understand their individual risk of type 2 diabetes before World Diabetes Day 2023.

We’re encouraging people to use Diabetes UK’s Know Your Risk tool, which directs you to the free advice and information available to help you reduce your risk.

The tool is free and simple to use.

It is available online, or you can pay a visit to your local Tesco pharmacy where it will be possible to complete an assessment in person.

Most people over 18 are eligible to use the Know Your Risk tool, which can be found at:

To find your nearest Tesco Pharmacy visit:

Jill Steaton, Head of South East Coast and London Region, Diabetes UK
and Jason Tarry, CEO, Tesco

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