Protester placed lock around his neck on M25 gantry near London Colney

Police have released images of a protester who secured himself to a gantry above the M25 with a lock and harness.

Hertfordshire police said they were made aware of a person on the gantry at junction 22, near London Colney, at around 7am.

They found he had secured himself with “both a harness and a D-lock”. The lock “had been placed around his neck and locked on to the cables that run along the structure”.

Watford Observer: Image of protester released by policeImage of protester released by police (Image: Hertfordshire Constabulary)

A specially trained Protest Removal Team was deployed to remove them.

Several arrests have been made in connection with criminal activity on the M25 in Hertfordshire this week. Four people have been charged.

  • Amy Friel O’Donnell, 20, of Baring Road, London.
  • Aaron Gunning, 23, of Ebony Crescent, Barnet.
  • Edward Laney, 26, of Theresa Avenue, Bristol.
  • Alfred Beswick, 26, of Mildmay Grove South, London.

Watford Observer: Image of protester released by police Image of protester released by police (Image: Hertfordshire Constabulary)

Police added that they have put additional measures in place so “legitimate media can do their job”, after reports of journalists being held in custody for hours.

They accepted that “in retrospect” the arrest of LBC journalist Charlotte Lynch “would not have been necessary”.

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Chief Constable Charlie Hall also requested an independent force examines its approach to the arrests.

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