New ‘free to list’ offering aims to fix ‘broken porta…

A co-founder of new free-to-list portal Jangle has outlined how the new business aims to disrupt the property listings market.

Prime property estate agent Jeremy Rosenblatt has partnered with a former luxury car dealer and event planner Danny Jay to launch a new portal to support agents unhappy with the current listings model.

Rosenblatt, who runs boutique London agency Vantage Residential, said he doesn’t want to “badmouth other portals” but said there needs to be a fairer way for agents to survive and get inquiries.

The new portal, called Jangle, won’t charge agents for listings and there will be an API that automatically uploads their properties.

Speaking exclusively to Estate Agent Today, Rosenblatt, a former director at Dexters and Hanover Residentital, said Jangle will make money through paid-for and discreet banner advertising.

There is also some external investment in the business.

The portal is still in launch phase and he said the first stage is to get London agents on board.

Rosenblatt said: “There are about 7,000 agents in London, we feel if we can get the big names on board then everyone else will follow.

“We have had various discussion with the largest agents in and around London who have taken an interest in our offering.

“There will be further discussion as things progress for Jangle.”

Agents can currently register their interest on Jangle’s website, where a video explains there is widespread dissatisfaction with the costs charged by the big portals and suggests that there is an appetite for what the business terms “zero portal spend.”

There will also be a public launch campaign to attract consumers.

Rosenblatt said: “We have our own ideas of why some portals haven’t worked and why some are vastly outdated.

“The advertising strategies have been wrong, they are focused too much on television adverts and spending millions each year when the world has moved on.

“It has become digitised.

“That is what we are going to utilise.

“Our ultimate goal is to have all the agents list all their properties on Jangle and then consumers won’t need to go anywhere else.”

He said he will be the first to add his properties to Jangle once it officially launches to the public.

There is no official launch date and Rosenblatt said it depended on how long it takes to get agents on board.

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