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West London College Public Services students are celebrating Rainbow Laces Season (19 – 31 October) today. In their theory session this morning (31 October), the learners discussed British Values, one of which is tolerance, and the importance of recognising and understanding the issues LGBTQ+ people face in relation to this. In their practical lesson which followed, the students took time out to demonstrate their support for Stonewall’s Team Pride campaign by showing off their rainbow laces.

Omari Rhoden (17) Public Services Level 3, pictured above, said: “It’s really important to show equality, diversity and representation, as well as, acceptance. We need to go beyond tolerance.”

Hala Kanaan (16) Public Services Level 3 said: “There is too much hate in this world and that’s why we need to make it clear whenever we can that we love and accept everyone.”

West London College Public Services teacher Darren Morgan said: “Campaigns like Rainbow Laces Season give us a focal point to discuss British Values such as Tolerance of Different Religions and Beliefs in our tutorials and practicals. It also gives the students the opportunity to talk about personal experiences and friends and family who are dealing with LGBTQ+ issues.”

British Values are :


A culture built upon freedom and equality, where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Leadership and accountability
  • Joint decision making
  • Team meetings
  • The right to protest and petition
  • Receiving and giving feedback
Rule of Law

The need for rules to make a happy, safe and secure environment to live and work.

  • Legislation
  • Agreed ways of working, policies and procedures
  • How the law protects you and others
  • Codes of conduct
Respect and Tolerance

Understanding that we all don’t share the same beliefs and values. Respecting the values, ideas and beliefs of others whilst not imposing our own others.

  • Embracing diversity
  • The importance of religion, traditions, cultural heritage and preferences
  • Tackling stereotyping, labeling, prejudice and discrimination
Individual Liberty

Protection of your rights and the rights of others you work with.

  • Equality and Human Rights
  • Personal Development
  • Respect and Dignity
  • Rights, choice, consent and individuality
  • Values and principles

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