Alex The Astronaut shares ‘South London’ music video, directed by childhood friend

Alex The Astronaut has shared a new music video for her song ‘South London’, as lifted from her second studio album ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater’.

The clip, released today (October 27), is for the sixth single lifted from ‘Sunflower’. It follows on from ‘Growing Up’, ‘Airport’, ‘Octopus’, ‘Haircut’ and ‘Ride My Bike’. The video was directed by Jessica Long, whom Alex noted in a press statement was a “childhood friend” of hers. The video depicts two young children, who are portraying both Alex and her sister Sophie, recounting the siblings’ experiences in the titular neighbourhood.

Watch the video below:

“When I was ten, my family moved away to England and she came to visit me,” said Alex of Long. “We played on bikes and rollerblades, and filmed ourselves on my mum’s camera. For her to make this video now, years later, is spooky. Seeing the kids who were cast to play my sister and I was like being in a memory.”

Alex went on to praise Long’s directorial work, claiming she “perfectly” captured the song’s themes of “looking back on your childhood”.

“The little actors were amazing,” Alex continued – referring to Tabitha Paige and Madison Sandstorm, who play Alex and Sophie respectively. “It was such a fun shoot. The video makes the song what it is. I don’t think the song makes sense without it now.”

In her own statement, Long discussed her process of creating visuals for ‘South London’, which she described as a “emotionally layered song”.

“With this film, I wanted to lean into the sentimentality of childhood, where life seemed simpler,” she said. “Alex’s lyrics tell such a strong story, and so it was important to mix the dark with the light.”

In a five-star review of ‘Sunflower’, NME said the album contains Alex’s “hardest-hitting lyrics and boldest musical excursions yet”.

“The album charts two whirlwind years of Lynn’s growth as both an artist and a person, and if there’s one thing it makes clear, it’s that she’s determined to never stop growing,” it read.

Following the completion of a national album tour earlier this year, Alex The Astronaut will next be seen as part of the touring SummerSalt festival in early 2023.

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