Rishi Sunak to move back to Number 10

Rishi Sunak will move back into the Number 10 flat where he used to live as chancellor, his spokeswoman said today.

It will make him the first Prime Minister to live in the flat above his workplace since John Major.

Tony Blair was the first premier to move into the flat above Number 11, the chancellor’s office, because it was larger and he had a family.

Each subsequent prime minister has followed this system, but Mr Sunak has decided to move back into the smaller flat because he and his wife and two daughters were “happy” there.

However, it is understood that his family may divide their time between Downing Street and the family home in west London, which is nearer to the girls’ school.

The Prime Minister’s press secretary said there were no plans to redecorate the flat.

Boris Johnson, who lived in the flat above Number 11, spent tens of thousands redecorating his flat with mustard-coloured wallpaper.

The whole ensemble was designed by Lulu Lytle, and the controversy around the spending was one of the factors which hastened his exit from Downing Street.


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