HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2022: Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year | HSJ Awards

In April 2020, to free up more than 50 acute medical beds to support the wider covid response, East Kent Hospitals collocated two acute stroke services on to one non-A&E hospital, incorporating multiple innovative technological solutions which have now been scaled nationally. It was planned and delivered rapidly over 10 days, delivering sustainable improvements in stroke care, mitigating health inequalities whilst also supporting the wider healthcare response to the pandemic. A population of 750,000 now benefits from SSNAP level A care, with a length of stay reduction of more than 30 per cent to 11 days and statistically significant low stroke mortality at <50; making it one of the safest stroke services in the country.

Judges said this was an outstanding example of a QI project that was born of adversity during the pandemic. The team took time to understand the problem they had to tackle, then utilised a QI approach and collaborative working to deliver and spread it.

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