North London singer Natalie Shay blossoms with her new ‘MILK’ EP


October 21, 2022

by Joe Beer

Holly McCandless-Desmond

Finessing her ability to bring euphoric indie pop to life, North London’s Natalie Shay continues to evoke emotion, resonance and self-discovery into every second of her growing repertoire. Soaring back into the scene with her new MILK EP, Shay’s musical ability continues to flourish, as she brings empowering fables and cathartic choruses to life. 

Shay’s latest offering was inspired by key experiences and feelings sensed when writing during the global pandemic. She explains, “Every track is about growth or new beginnings or reflecting on myself, in particular, heaven and outgrow. I always write from the heart and from my own experiences and stories. My whole aim with lyricism is to connect with others who are in that frame of mind now or have been there in the past to relate.” 

With the hope to inspire others to pursue songwriting, Shay’s ability to invoke such emotion and euphony into her latest release consolidates her status as an exceptional emerging talent. As warming melodies and soaring rhythms form the perfect foundations for Shay’s reverberating vocal energy, MILK comes to life with six exceptional examples of her diverse musical talents. It’s clear that Shay is a storyteller from the soul, as she sonically encapsulates key moments from her life through her music. As her repertoire grows, so does Shay.

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