A bus that could save your life pulls up to Peckham – South London News

By Claudia Lee

The Your Heart Matters bus will visit Peckham on next month to offer free stethoscope checks in an effort to raise awareness around heart valve disease.

So far 2,000 people have received a stethoscope check at the bus as it tours the UK.

An undiagnosed cardiac condition was detected in 10-15 per cent of those who have received the check-up.

Those who are identified with heart issues are given letters for their GP’s so they can be referred to their local cardiology departments for further investigation and treatment.

Heart valve disease is estimated to affect up to 225,000 Londoners, says Valve for Life.

Not all patients display symptoms and they can be mistaken for signs of ageing or getting unfit.

A two-minute stethoscope check can detect the disease, but the move to virtual GP appointments could mean that heart problems are being missed.

According to heart valve voice, 73 per cent of cardiac clinicians saw a reduction in primary care referrals for heart disease since the pandemic.

Prof Phil MacCarthy, Consultant Cardiologist at King’s College Hospital, in Denmark Hill, Camberwell, said: “The drop in heart valve disease diagnosis since the start of Covid-19 is very concerning for health systems across the country, especially in London where preventing cardiovascular diseases is a key priority for the NHS.”

The bus will come to Peckham Square from 10am-3pm on November 1.

Medical professionals from King’s will board the bus to perform a heart test on members of the general public.

Pictured top: The Your Heart Matters bus parked up with medical professionals giving advice (Picture: Your Heart Matters)


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