Car reverses down A2 near Faversham amidst traffic chaos

Drivers looked on “in horror” as a car reversed down the outside lane of the A2 in an effort to escape traffic chaos.

Niall Greathead, who caught the moment on camera near the Junction for Boughton-under-Blean, said he had witnessed two vehicles attempt to reverse out of traffic as drivers face mammoth queues due to M2 roadworks.

“People are losing the plot and breaking the law”, said Niall. “They were reversing past us to go down the turning for Boughton. Me and my dad looked in horror at each other. There was another one coming up the left hand side of us and going the wrong way.

“I was like ‘what’s going on here?'”

Niall and his dad had been travelling from Canterbury to watch the Gillingham match, but told Kent Online they had missed the game after waiting over three hours in traffic, and were now just hoping to head home.

“We are still about 400 yards from Brenley Corner,” added Niall. “We’re going to try and get off there and head home so we’re going to have to try and get through country lanes.

“I’ve got cerebral palsy, which is great most of the time, but when it’s bad it’s bad. Being in a car is fine but when you’re stationary in the same position it gets a bit difficult.

Traffic approaching Brenley Corner on the A2. Niall Greathead

“Whilst I’ve been talking a guy has got out of the lorry in front and he’s walking in front of the traffic, checking his lorry. He looks fed up.

“All I want is Highways England to have some joined up thinking.”

Meanwhile other drivers have described waiting in traffic for over four hours.

The London-bound carriageway of the M2 was closed last night at 8pm between junction 7 for Faversham and junction 5 for Sittingbourne.

It is expected to remain shut until 6am on Monday morning, according to National Highways, as resurfacing works are carried out.

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