Prison-themed bar Alcotraz is opening a massive new venue

Do you have a penchant for penitentiaries? Or at least for the theatrical? If you fancy, er, getting banged up in jail for fun, Alcotraz, London’s prison-themed cocktail bar inspired by the infamous San Francisco prison island, is opening a massive new venue in east London. 

The original bar was the first of its kind – a dramatic immersive experience where guests play a role in the plotline, with cocktails included. After the success of the first Alcotraz on Brick Lane, which has been open for five years, the bar will open its flagship venue in Hackney in November 2022. The all-new chokey is three times the size of the original bar, spanning 5,000 sq ft and housing up to 180 inmates across three cellblocks. 

Alcotraz’s flagship promises to deliver new storylines for inmates – after smuggling in your own bootlegged booze you’ll be taken on an adventure, potentially coming face to face with the curmudgeonly prison warden, helping the infamous inmate Cassidy with their schemes, or in the middle of an interrogation. Badly behaved prisoners might even get banged up in solitary confinement, so beware. 

The venue will also be working with a UK-based criminal justice charity, which they will announce closer to the time. 

Sam Shearman, founder of Alcotraz said: ‘This will be our biggest project yet and offers scope to expand our storylines and offer an ever-increasing unique experience to guests. We are also truly excited about the charity partnerships that we have on the horizon which will help raise awareness of real-life issues within the justice system and provide support to a fantastic UK charity.’

Prison doesn’t seem like the most idea of fun to us but to each their own. 

Unit 3b, Rosewood Building, Hackney Rd, E2 8GY. £36.99 per person. Book here.

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