Shopper sues Sainsbury’s for £500,000 over PTSD after ‘slipping on puddle’ in supermarket

A SHOPPER who claims she was left with crippling PTSD after slipping in an oily puddle at Sainsbury’s is suing the supermarket giant for up to £500,000.

Legal secretary Georgina Hennessy, 47, is said to have slipped on a “spilt coconut oil product” at a London branch, breaking her ankle and leaving her bleeding on the floor.


Georgina Hennessy is suing Sainsbury’s after she slipped in a branch in North London and broke her ankleCredit: Champion News
Ms Hennessy claims she suffered PTSD following the accident


Ms Hennessy claims she suffered PTSD following the accidentCredit: Champion News

She had to have a metal plate and screws inserted into her ankle, and claims she went on to develop debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder afterwards.

Ms Hennessy is now suing J Sainsbury Plc for up to £500,000 at the High Court, claiming store staff negligently failed to spot and clear up the mess.

Her claim was filed at the court last month, but has only now been made public.

In papers filed at the court, her solicitors Irwin Mitchell say Ms Hennessy suffered her injury in a fall at a store in Walthamstow Avenue, Chingford, in July 2019.

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“The claimant used the self-service checkouts and proceeded to walk towards the exit of the store,” say her lawyers.

“Upon turning a corner by the self-service checkouts, the claimant slipped on a spilt coconut oil product, sustaining a serious injury to her right ankle and a laceration to her right hand.”

Ms Hennessy, of Enfield, North London, had surgery on her ankle and was in hospital for a week, but since says she has been crippled by PTSD.

“As a result of the accident, the claimant has experienced significant psychological symptoms,” her lawyers say, despite her having cognitive behavioural therapy for her PTSD, as well as ‘eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing’ – a type of therapy which helps patients overcome traumatic experiences by focusing on the traumatic incident itself.

Her lawyers blame the supermarket giant for the accident, accusing it of negligence in common law and breaches of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957.

Store staff had “failed to take such care as was reasonable in all of the circumstances to see that the claimant did not suffer injury,” it is claimed.

They had also “caused and/or permitted the floor to be or to become or remain wet/slippery with a split oil product,” her lawyers say.

There was also a failure to “ensure any or any adequate system of inspection.”

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No defence to the claim by Sainsbury’s has yet been made available by the court and the case has not yet gone before a judge.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told The Sun Online: “Safety is our highest priority. Our legal representatives are currently in touch with those of Ms Hennessy’s regarding this ongoing case.”

Ms Hennessy had been using the self-service checkouts at the Walthamstow Avenue branch in Chingford in 2019


Ms Hennessy had been using the self-service checkouts at the Walthamstow Avenue branch in Chingford in 2019Credit: Champion News

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