Queen dies – latest news: Tens of thousands wait all night to see the Queen as hearse route through London revealed | UK News

Members of the public have been paying their respects at the Queen’s coffin in St Giles’ Cathedral since yesterday evening. 

They will have only a few more hours to visit before the coffin leaves for Edinburgh Airport at 5pm.

From there, it will travel to RAF Northolt in England on an RAF Globemaster C-17 flight. 

The coffin will be accompanied by the Queen’s daughter, the Princess Royal. 

It will be taken to Buckingham Palace, where the King will be joined by the Queen Consort as he receives his mothers coffin. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales will also be at the palace. 

A guard of honour formed of three officers and 96 soldiers from The King’s Guard will be mounted in the Quadrangle.

The usually shouted military commands will be given as quietly as possible to mark the solemn occasion. 

The coffin will be carried by a bearer party to the Bow Room, where a sovereign’s piper will play a lament.

It will remain in the Bow Room overnight before a procession carries it to Westminster Hall tomorrow. 

The Queen will then lie in state in the building, with members of the public once again able to pay their respects. 


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