Overflo festival postponed after Queen Elizabeth II death – South London News

A festival set to take place in Burgess Park this Sunday has been cancelled as a result of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Overflo festival, which was slated to run on this Sunday, has been postponed until further notice as resources to help run the festival will be drawn away to help with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday.

The festival organisers said they were working with Southwark council, which withdrew permission for the event, to find a new date.

The organisers said in a statement: “We are sad to announce that as a result of the Queen’s passing last Thursday, Southwark council has withdrawn the permission for Overflo to take place on Sunday.

“We are working closely with the council to find an appropriate date to hold this event and will be able to inform you of these in the coming weeks.”

Southwark council has been contacted for comment.

Previous event by Overflo organisers (Picture: @confusedcu1ture)


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