Havering accessibility event with Seb Dance a ‘huge success’

6:00 AM September 12, 2022

The organiser of an east London accessible transport event has hailed it a “great success”, with the deputy mayor of London for transport among the speakers. 

Held on September 2 in Havering, the event was organised to provide an opportunity for residents to discuss accessible transport with providers and raise any concerns they may have. 

There were also talks from public figures including the leader of Havering Council, Ray Morgon, and Seb Dance, the deputy mayor of London for transport. 

Seb Dance at the announcement of the European Parliamentary results for the London region at City Hall in London.

– Credit: PA

Organiser Michael Lloyd described it as “a huge success, and well-attended by the local community”. 

He added: “Cllr Ray Morgan spoke passionately about improving accessibility in Havering.  

“The deputy mayor for transport Seb Dance attended, giving a speech about the importance of public transport, encouraging people to walk and cycle more, and making London’s transport network more accessible.  

“He then spoke with local residents about the issues they face getting around.” 

Funded by the Elizabeth line on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), the event also hosted a number of local and national charities, with £200 raised for the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation. 


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