Renters Reform Bill coming this session o…

It’s been confirmed that the controversial Renters Reform Bill will still be introduced by the end of this session of Parliament, despite the change of Prime Minister.

This session of Parliament ends in May 2023; the next General Election will, at the latest, be December 2024.

In a letter to a Labour politician, the chief officer in the private rented sector division of the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities – Hugh Greenwood – says the reforms will be “put into legislation as soon as possible.”

In the letter to Sem Moema, Labour’s housing spokesperson on the London Assembly, Greenwood writes: “We recognise the role good landlords play in providing homes for people across the country but we know there are problems and not everyone has a good experience. We are absolutely committed to tackling the worst issues in the private rented sector – driving up standards, giving tenants greater security and supporting local authorities to crack down on poor practice.

“As you are aware our White Paper ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’ was published on June 16 2022. It sets out our plan to level up housing quality, building on the Levelling Up White Paper. 

“Our 12 point plan sets out clear actions to reform the sector for landlords and tenants. It sets a strategic direction and demonstrates our determination to give private renters a better deal.

“…We remain committed to introducing a Renters Reform Bill in this session of Parliament.”

Moema claims this isn’t good enough and wants an end to what she claims to be delays in implementation of the scrapping of Section 21.

She says: “Over the last three years, Ministers have come and gone, but section 21 evictions still haven’t been outlawed as promised. The cost of the government’s inertia is that almost 8,000 London households have seen their lives uprooted and faced being forced onto the streets due to this unfair process.

“Like many housing campaigners, I was pleased and relieved to see the Renters Reform Bill white paper finally published in May. The Government have now told me that the Bill should be passed into law by May, but we have seen it kicked into the long grass before.

“As we struggle through this cost of living crisis, there is a real possibility that the number of section 21 evictions, leading to the threat of homelessness, will reach pre-pandemic levels.

“The ban on these evictions cannot be allowed to fall by the wayside again. Renters need stronger protections now more than ever”.–renters-reform-bill-introduced-this-session-of-parliament

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