Woman fined for using dead mum’s disabled parking badge – South London News

By Charlotte Lillywhite, Local Democracy Reporter

A driver has been given a fine of more than £1,000 after using her dead mum’s cancelled disabled badge to park her car.

Dagenham resident Krassimira Choutova, 40, used her late mum’s blue badge to park on a yellow line in Bexley. A traffic warden on patrol at the time confirmed the badge had been cancelled.

Ms Choutova pleaded guilty to unlawfully using a disabled person’s badge to park a vehicle before her hearing at Bexley Magistrates’ Court on July 27.

She must pay £1,132 in total, including a £666 fine for the offence, a victim surcharge fee of £66 and additional costs of £400.

Councillor Teresa O’Neill, leader of Bexley council, said she was pleased that justice has been rightfully served on this occasion.

She said: “There can be no excuse for this type of shameful abuse of a scheme designed to assist those with genuine disabilities.”

“I urge anyone who is in possession of a badge that has been cancelled or is no longer needed to return it without delay to the issuing authority as shown on the badge.”

People who misuse disabled badges may face a criminal record and a fine of up to £1,000 on top of paying towards the costs of the council prosecution.

A blue badge must be returned if it has expired, the holder no longer needs it because they cannot leave the house or have died, the holder’s medical condition or mobility improves meaning they are no longer eligible or the badge is damaged.

It must also be given back if a replacement has been issued for a lost or stolen badge and the original is found.

Picture top: Bexley Magistrates’ Court (Picture: Google Maps)


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