Parking wardens in south London are going on strike

They get a bad rap, parking wardens. Typically scolded by the general public for their role in patrolling London’s roads and parked vehicles, they often dish out hefty fines, which are paid to the council. But in their defence, parking wardens also make sure that residential parking areas are patrolled. Without them, it could be complete mayhem on London’s roads.

Well, some parking wardens in Wandsworth have had enough, and will walk out over pay in September as they deal with the cost of living crisis. Members of the GMB Union employed as parking wardens by Wandsworth Council’s private contractor, NSL Parking services, are demanding a pay rise.

Though the general public won’t feel the effects of this strike action in comparison to strikes across rail or bus services, union bosses warn that each day of strike action is costing the council an absolute ‘fortune’ by losing out on issuing fines. 

The row between GMB and NSL kicked off in June and has seen 20 days of strikes so far. The union has warned NSL that the strike action will continue until the company makes an offer that members are happy to accept. GMB is demanding an ‘improved pay deal which reflects the extremely high rate of inflation and the attached cost of living crisis.’

The council has said it wants both sides to come to an agreement so ‘full service’ can resume for residents. 

Paul Grafton, regional organiser at GMB, said: ‘This dispute has been rumbling on for two months now, with every day of strike action costing Wandsworth Council a fortune in lost revenue. Our members are determined to secure a proper pay deal, and this dispute will continue until NSL table a pay deal that the members are happy to accept.’

A spokesperson for NSL said: ‘NSL are disappointed that our latest pay offer of 21.3 per cent over three years has not been accepted. We remain committed to finding a solution.’

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