Most peculiar things to buy on eBay in south London  

You can find many peculiar items for sale on a range of websites and eBay is one of them.  

Many people are now using online websites to sell the usual items, such as furniture, games or gardening equipment.   

But delve a little deeper and you can easily find yourself to be confronted with the most unique and bizarre listings.   

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most peculiar items listed on eBay in south London. 

You definitely won’t find these in the Argos catalogue.  

Old Nokia 2650 – Silver Mobile Phone: 

Old Nokia 2650 (Photo credit: eBay)

Looking to upgrade your phone? Well, look no further.   

This seller near Biggin Hill is selling this Nokia 2650 phone for only £8.  

The item is described as “Not working but it could be. Orange network.” 

The auction for the phone ends on August 21. 

So, why not buy now? 

Human Replica Skull  

Wandsworth Times: Human Skull (Photo credit: eBay)Human Skull (Photo credit: eBay)

Looking to give someone a fright? This item can certainly fulfil that objective. 

This seller from London is selling this replica of a human skull.  

The item has been listed for £120 with a £6.55 postage fee.  

Fake poo  

Wandsworth Times: Fake poo (Photo credit: eBay)Fake poo (Photo credit: eBay)

We all loved to pull a practical joke to our parents and friends growing up. 

This lister has brought back some memories, as this item has been auctioned for £2.35 each.

What a bargain am I right? 

You can also buy four or more for £1.76 each. 

It also offers free delivery across the UK. So why wait?  

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