London cyclists might get number plates and 20mph speed limit

All you London speed demons better watch out, because Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wants to bring in 20mph speed limits and number plates for cyclists. In a bid to make roads safer, Shapps says there needs to be a review of how the rules of the road apply to cyclists because The Highway Code’s speed limit currently only applies to motorists. 

New regulations would make lawless cyclists face increased penalties, which means no more running red lights, wheelies or bunny hops. Shapps told the Daily Mail that although he doesn’t want to discourage cycling, we shouldn’t ‘turn a blind eye’ to cyclists who ‘bust red lights’ and ‘get away with it’. There’s no mention of more cycle lanes, something which would actually make cycling in London safer (and more enjoyable). 

Shapps told the paper: ‘Cyclists are actually not breaking the law when they speed, and that cannot be right, so I absolutely propose extending speed-limit restrictions to cyclists.

‘Particularly where you’ve got 20mph limits on increasing numbers of roads, cyclists can easily exceed those, so I want to make speed limits apply to cyclists.

‘That does then lead to the question of: How are you going to recognise the cyclist? Do you need registration plates and insurance? And that sort of thing.’

This news comes as there has been a massive increase in cycling in the UK, partly because drivers have felt the pinch of rising fuel prices. Over the past five months, there has been a 47 percent increase in cycling on weekdays compared to the same period last year, and a 27 percent increase on weekends. 

Shapps also recently proposed a ‘death by dangerous cycling law’ to close another loophole. This law would give the same sentences to cyclists who kill pedestrians as drivers. Under the current law cyclists only face two years in jail if they kill someone on the road. 

We can’t quite picture what a bike would look like with a stonking great number plate on the back (maybe it’s attached to the rider). If anyone’s got any creative design ideas, maybe you could hit Shapps up. 

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