Homes builder launches fuel bill busting site backed by Savills

Russia’s murderous designs on Ukraine and new homes in the UK are unlikely to be linked in any way, you might think.

But a new boutique homes site launched this week by the Unique Property Group can claim this, even though it’s in the largely Russian-free neighbourhood of Cricklewood in North London.

The site, which is being marketed by Savills, is the first in the UK to be built and designed to be free of gas, relying instead on electricity to supply cooking and heating for each of its townhouses and apartments, which start at £415,000.

The Unique Property Group is keen to highlight its gas-free credentials and also point out that residents will, at least for the time being, be able to partly dodge the huge energy increases prompted by Putin’s horrific assault on Ukraine.

The properties feature several other energy bill-dodging features including triple-glazed windows and uber insulated walls, roofs and floors to keep the heat in during winter but out in the summer.

Unique homes

Solar panels on roof tops will use cells to convert sunlight into electricity across the building, and a low heat loss domestic hot water thermal store will maximise energy efficiency and deliver water and space heating.

The properties also feature Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) which recovers and reuses up to 95% of their waste heat.

“Our team has developed a strong interest in targeting improvements that go beyond traditional construction methodologies and seek to improve upon energy performance,” says Sonny Gowans, Founder and MD of Unique Property Group.

“Oil and gas are fast becoming relics of the fossil fuel past, so we decided to make Uniquely Cricklewood.”

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