Met Office forecast amid south London heatwave

South London is braced for another heatwave that will last longer than July’s record-breaking hot spell, with highs of up to 35C expected next week, forecasters have said.

Temperatures over the coming days will remain lower than last month’s scorching 43.C but the warmth will continue over a “prolonged period”, the Met Office has said.

People have been urged not to host barbecues in the tinder-dry conditions after 15 homes were evacuated following a garden fire that spread out of control in Essex.

Here is the forecast for the next six days in south London:

Tuesday, August 9: Highs of 28°C, lows of 17 °C

Wednesday, August 10: Highs of 28°, lows of 17°C

Thursday, August 11: Highs of 30°C, lows of 18°C

Friday, August 12: Highs of 31°C, lows of 19°C

Saturday, August 13: Highs of 32°C, lows of 19°C

Sunday, August 14: Highs of 31°C, lows of 18°C

Forecast in full


Another day of sunny spells, hot temperatures, and light winds. A little patchy cloud is possible leading to some hazy sunshine at times. Maximum temperature 31 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday

It will be dry with long sunny spells and hot or very hot temperatures, these increasing day on day. Winds remaining mostly light, though perhaps breezier later.

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The whole of England and Wales is likely to see such weather continue over the coming week as high pressure builds across the UK.

Parts of north-west Scotland may be cloudier and breezier up to Wednesday, but fine weather is expected for all areas of the country later in the week.

Met Office meteorologist Tom Morgan said: “It will be a lot of sunshine for a vast majority of the UK and also temperatures rising day after day.

“Not everyone will initially see those sunny conditions, but towards the end of the week even Scotland and Northern Ireland will join the rest of the UK in having generally fine, sunny and very warm if not hot conditions.

“It does look like a prolonged period of dry weather and obviously that’s bad news for southern England where some rain would really be useful now.

“In terms of temperatures we’re looking at them build from 28C or 29C tomorrow to the low to mid 30s from Thursday onwards, so a fairly widespread heatwave developing across the UK this week.

“The peak of the temperatures look likely to occur on Friday or Saturday.”

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