The lost pubs of south east London- from Bon Bonne to the Greyhound

THERE is no denying that us south east Londoners know how to have a great night out.

Nowadays we have the likes of Golden Lion and George Staples which are always busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

But do you remember some of the classic pubs such as Bon Bonne, Miller’s Greenwich, or the Greyhound?

The News Shopper asked its readers what the best pubs were back in the day in south east London.

So, we put together a collection of some of the pubs we all have missed the most.

Here is what our readers had to say:

Stephen Lewis said: “Bon Bonne Dulwich and Miller’s Greenwich.”

Ellen Fresquez Tabrett said: “Loved so many.

“I loved the Horse and Groom facing East Lane because my dear mum worked in there for many years.”

Vivian Boland said: “The Greyhound Eltham.”

Sandra Johnson said: “The Pullman, Woolwich Arsenal.”

Stan Blatch said: “Apples & Pears Old Kent Road.”

Mary Berryman said: “The Lilliput Bermondsey, Southwark Park Tavern, Duncow.”

Stanley Willoughby said: “Yorkshire Grey.”

Nicola Todd said: “The Royal Albert, Deptford. Good times.”

Liz Mitchell said: “The Drayman, Bexleyheath.”

Caz Page said: “The Gladstone, Lymans, Prince of Wales, The Rose Frog and Nightgown. “So many.”

Steve Denny said: “Gin Palace and the Frog and Nightgown, Old Kent Rd.”

John Lee Dellar said: “Glenmore Arms, Welling.”

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