Things you could do in 1980s south east London that you can’t do now

We saw News Shopper readers get a little nostalgic last week as we asked them to cast their minds back to the 80s.

We asked them to name things you could do in 1980s South East London that you cannot do now.

Some comments were a little more South East London specific than others, but they all made strong comparisons between the then and now.

Whether it be clubs and shops that you miss or how expensive things have become, the people of South East London sure do miss those good old days.

Here are some of the comments that stood out to us.

1. “Play football outside on the streets with the local kids without our parents worrying about our safety.”

2. “Catford Dogs – greyhound racing.”

3. “Drive through Lewisham without a satnav.”

4. “Walk up and down Rye Lane, Peckham to look in all the lovely shop windows.

“It’s a dive now.”

5. “Go shopping in Allder’s, Army and Navy, Debenham’s and Littlewood’s in Bromley.”

6. “Go to Erith market.”

7. “Shop in Woolworths and go to wimpy for food.”

8. “Come out of an Old Kent Road club at 3am and walk home to Peckham without a care in the world.”

9. “Swim at the Eltham Lido.”

10. “Leave your house door open.”

11. “Afford a house.”

12. “Routemasters bus jump on and off.”

13. “Drive a car without having to mortgage your house to fill up a tank.”

Can you think of any other things that you remember about South East London from the 80s?

Be sure to leave us a comment.

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