London needs a new tube line

We need a new tube line to simplify journeys in capital

• WHATEVER our views about expanding the ULEZ, ultra low emission zone, (Road pricing not the way, July 28), the issue is separate from road pricing based on distance.

The Treasury is bound to press for the latter to replace falling revenues from petrol and diesel sales (transport select committee meeting February minutes).

We need to debate the detail and public transport improvements to complement it.
I would favour pricing being proportional, among other factors, to the square of the vehicle weight. The amount of particulate matter created by tyres is related to vehicle weight.

Then people driving a small car would pay much less than people able to afford a large car and the preference for SUVs, sport utility vehicles, in sales of new cars might decline.

Instead of Crossrail 2’s New Southgate branch (and for not much greater cost) we need a tube line from Manor House, south west to Finsbury Park, Nag’s Head (valuable but optional) and Camden Road and Town, then south to Great Portland Street with Regent’s Park and Bond Street.

Every station would relieve the Victoria line and simplify journeys, for example, from many Piccadilly line stations to the Royal Free, Brent Cross or west London.

Crossrail 2 would become more valuable as alternate trains would be available for the Hackney branch to Leytonstone, relieving Central and Elizabeth line trains into Liverpool Street while increasing choice.


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