15 Of The Best Spots In Town To Do It

As a result, we believe that everyone will be interested in discovering some good roller-skating locations in London. Throughout our beloved capital city, there are many skating parks, roller-skating rinks, and roller discos, as well as free sessions when skaters gather together and skate together. So, what are you waiting for? Get your roller skates on with these 15 spots for roller skating in London.

The best parks for roller skating in London

1. Battersea Park

Photo: @shutterstock

The circular road in Battersea Park is broad and flat, making it ideal for beginners who want to develop and practice their roller-skating skills in a secure environment without colliding with others or rushing downhill.

The park features numerous lakes and fountains in addition to breathtaking river scenery, and it’s a spot where you can really get a way from the big city life and see some nature. The pavement is long, the river views are to die for, and there are flowers all around. Keep your eyes peeled for the resident ducks and geese, and there’s also a zoo here which is great for the kids too.

You’ll find Battersea Park at SW11 4NJ. Nearest station is Battersea Power Station. 

2. Greenwich Park

A panoramic picture of Greenwich Park and the Naval CollegePhoto: @shutterstock

South London’s Greenwich Park in Greenwich is a favourite among families because of its playground, boating lake and panoramic views – which are some of the best in town – ideal for a Summer picnic.

This park has both steep slopes and level boulevards, making it ideal for both novice and expert skaters to try and practice their skating skills.

You’ll find Greenwich Park at SE10 8EJ. Nearest stations are Greenwich and the Cutty Sark. 

3. Regent’s Park

A wide boulevard found in Regent's Park in Central London, one of the best places to go roller skating in LondonPhoto: @shutterstock

When the weather is beautiful, roller skating in London is best on The Broad Walk in Regent’s Park, due to its wide and flat boulevards, making it ideal for both novices and experienced skaters practising their new techniques.

It’s a favourite Central London spot, perfect for picnics in the Summer and viewing animals at the ZSL London Zoo and through the zoo’s fences.

You’ll find Regent’s Park at NW1 4NR. Nearest stations are Regent’s Park, Baker Street and Great Portland Street. 

4. Hyde Park

A beautiful aerial shot taken of the magnificent Hyde Park in central LondonPhoto: @shutterstock

While walking through Hyde Park, it’s nearly impossible to miss a group of roller skaters honing their skills to various beat boxes. It’s excellent for roller skaters here, as a very long section of the Serpentine Road is straight and flat, meaning that you’re unlikely to ever trip.

With a lovely lake and a variety of cafes scattered throughout, it’s a lovely setting to go for a skate. Due to its central location, it’s also surrounded by tube stops and, as a result, is super easy to get to.

You’ll find Hyde Park at W2 2UH. Nearest stations are Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate and Bayswater.

5. Kensington Gardens

Manicured lawns and trees found in Kensington Gardens in Central London Photo: @shutterstock

To the western side of Hyde Park lies Kensington Gardens, home of the magnificent Kensington Palace. It’s another great spot for skating due to its scenic beauty and Central London location. It should be noted however that this spot is more for seasoned skaters, as some parts of the gardens are more uneven and relatively busy with crowds.

You’ll find Kensington Gardens to the west of Hyde Park, W2 2UH. Nearest stations are Lancaster Gate, Knightsbridge and Bayswater.

6. St James’s Park

A wide boulevard perfect for skating found in St James's Park in Central LondonPhoto: @shutterstock

St James’s Park is one of London’s most famous spots due to its Royal Parade and views of Buckingham Palace and The Mall.

The Mall is where you’ll be looking to skate. Without any interruptions, it’s a wonderful place for roller skating in London. Open from 5am to 12am, you can skate there all day.

You’ll find St James’s Park at SW1H 9AP. Nearest station is St James’s Park. 

The best roller skating meet-ups and clubs in London

7. London Friday Night Skate and Sunday Stroll

An aerial view of the Serpentine in Hyde Park where you can go roller skating with a groupPhoto: @shutterstock

A Friday night organised skate through London is what the long-running London Friday Night Skate is all about. To participate in the two-hour marshalled skate, arrive at Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner shortly before 8pm. You must be an adept skater who can keep up because the route changes every week.

Every Sunday at 2pm, the same individuals lead the ‘Sunday Stroll’, a more leisurely, slower-paced group skate that leaves from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. Both activities are open to everyone.

You’ll find London Friday Night Skate and Sunday Stroll at Hyde Park Corner, W2 2UH. Nearest stations are Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate and Bayswater.

8. Wheels & Wheelchairs

Before attempting to participate in Wheels & Wheelchairs’ fun and accessible event where skaters are partnered up with wheelchair users to push them around Battersea Park, we advise you to be very confident in your skating ability.

Every week it runs concurrently with the ‘Easy Saturday Skate’, and throughout the year there are scheduled special skates too (like a Halloween event).

You’ll find Wheels & Wheelchairs at North West Car Park (near the children’s zoo), Battersea Park, Chelsea Gate, Carriage Drive North, SW11 4NJ. Nearest station is Battersea Power Station. 

9. London Skate

A person roller skating in the sunshine in London, England Photo: @shutterstock

Being both accessible and fun, London Skate is the capital’s weekly Wednesday night street skate that takes place during the Summer. It has been operating since the turn of the millennium and offers a two-hour, moderately-paced tour of the city along a predetermined route.

Each week, between 250 and 500 skaters roll, expertly marshalled by a group of skilled skaters and backed by a large, custom-built music system to create a true party atmosphere. The setting is truly wonderful, and before you realise it, you’ll be hooked. Just get some wheels if you’re wanting to join.

You’ll find London Skate at The Bandstand, Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, W2 2UH. Nearest stations are Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate and Bayswater.

10. Roller Thursday at BaySixty6

Though it’s mostly skateboards at BaySixty6, a covered area beneath the Westway in Westbourne Park, every Thursday night, is where Roller Thursday is organised at the park.

The skate park is only accessible to members, requires a slot reservation (£7), and is not suitable for novices. Both quads and blades are welcome, and since the skate park is covered (albeit open-sided), the weather shouldn’t be a concern.

You’ll find BaySixty6 Skate Park at Bay 66 Acklam Road, North Kensington, W10 5YU. Nearest station is Westbourne Park. 

11. London Speed Skaters

Consider joining London Speed Skaters once you’re a little more experienced and if you’re up for a challenge. Their primary focus is speed skating and fitness, and they welcome both competitors and skaters who just want to train.

They regularly hold sessions at Richmond Park, Hyde Park, and Tatem Park in Tottenham too.

You’ll find this at 59A Windsor Road, W5 3UP. Nearest station is Ealing Broadway. 

The best rinks and discos for roller skating in London

12. Skating Haven

An afternoon spent skating around the rink at Skating Haven is one of the best ways to have fun. The helpful staff are always available to teach you how to skate properly, and you’ll be provided with the full set of equipment, including helmets and knee pads.

You’ll begin with a 20-minute boot camp in which you’ll learn how to skate, stop, and—more importantly—get back up after falling flat on your face!

You’ll find this at Newham Leisure Centre, 281 Prince Regent Lane, E13 8SD. Nearest stations are Plaistow and Prince Regent. 

13. Roller Nation

There are several fantastic venues to roller skate in London, but the Roller Nation is one of our favourite places. It’s a great place to celebrate a special event or just hang out with your pals because it doubles as a fun nightclub and roller skating rink. You’ll have a blast at Roller Nation because of the welcoming staff and upbeat music, which you can choose yourself.

You’ll find Roller Nation at 117 Bruce Grove, N17 6UR. Nearest station is Bruce Grove. 

14. Zebra Skate London

Zebra Skate, located in Kensington Gardens – one of the best places for roller skating in London – is a roller skating club that offers skating lessons to children aged seven and up. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have any equipment for your kids, and they offer you discounted rates for renting it – even better! The best thing about this one is that they hold their lessons during school holidays, so you won’t need to make any particular preparations.

Your kids can learn to roller skate with the guidance of the rink’s helpful and knowledgeable instructors, so it’s a great way to get your kids to start skating. They also offer classes in other parks as well and also private classes for adults as well.

You’ll find out more about Zebra Skate and the various different parks they skate in via their website.

15. Isle of Skating

With more than 20 enthusiastic instructors and a great location in North London, Isle of Skating is the ideal place to begin roller skating when you’re in the capital.

In 2020, the business was a one-woman act, but it has since expanded. The skating instructors here have extensive expertise and have competed and coached all around the world. Their group offers a friendly, encouraging, and welcoming setting for picking up new skills and gaining self-assurance on skates. It’s fantastic for both children and adults alike.

You’ll find out more about the Isle Of Skating Club and the various locations they skate in via their website. 

So the next time you plan for something entertaining, consider going roller skating in London and start working your way through this roundup!


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