Lewisham College plays host to bricklaying trowel-off – South London News

For the dedicated artisans taking part, it probably feels more like art.  

Some 18 apprentice bricklayers took part in the second annual London Apprentice Challenge at Lewisham College, in Lewisham Way, and they all wanted to show off their prowess. 

The contest saw the builders compete to show off their newly-learned skills through a series of challenges. 

The event was sponsored by Forterra – a manufacturer of a diverse range of concrete and clay building products. 

Bob Noseda, sector skills advisor at Lewisham College, said: “It was fantastic to be able to host the London Apprentice Challenge again, and have the opportunity to meet some of the talented bricklayers joining the industry.  

“It’s wonderful that Forterra encourages students in the industry, providing them with resources and support.

Stephen Harrison, chief executive of Forterra, said: “The future of the construction industry is immensely important and we are delighted to have the opportunity to encourage upcoming bricklayers through our London Apprentice Challenge.” 

In the end, Jack Simmons from Swift Brickwork in Essex achieved first place in the individual competition.

Bradley Battams and Daniel Summerfield won the team prize for Winchmore Brickworks, Enfield.

Pictured top: From left, Tim Multon (CPI Mortars), Daniel Summerfield and Bradley Battams (winners of the team competition and both Winchmore Brickworks) and Paul Egglestone (Winchmore Brickworks) (Picture: Forterra)


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