Extinction Rebellion’s bus tour – South London News

Extinction Rebellion (XR) members from all over South London boarded an open-topped bus which toured the area to promote the climate crisis message.

Cutting urban pollution was a key feature of speeches delivered by activists at Sunday’s event.

Banners proclaiming ‘Cut Carbon Not Buses’ and ‘Transport Change Not Climate Change’ hung from either side of the bus, which was accompanied by a flotilla of bicycles, scooters and cargo bikes, with flags waving bearing the Extinction Rebellion logo.

The bus travelled across South London. Starting from Wandsworth Town Hall, it stopped off at Battersea Park in Wandsworth and Clapham Common in Lambeth, ending at Burgess Park in Southwark.

At each stop-off point, Extinction Rebellion members set up stalls, gave out leaflets and talked with members of the public about the climate emergency, proposed bus cuts and the need for a carbon-free public transport system.

Cyclists behind the busSupporters followed the XR bus on their bicycles during the tour of South London

They encouraged people to take part in TfL’s consultation on proposed bus cuts, join local XR groups and to come to the next big XR gathering in London, on September 9.

Among speakers were Dr Christianne Guillotte from Doctors for XR, who spoke about the dire effects on health of climate change, speaking particularly about air pollution – a massive concern for city dwellers.

“It is my duty as a doctor to speak out about air pollution because it is a clear and avoidable cause of illness, disability and death,” she said.

Pete Knapps of Scientists for XR, a researcher on air pollution, said electric cars were not the answer to the crisis.

He said: “Wear on tyres and brakes causes air pollution, sometimes more than from petrol cars. We need most people to stop using cars, leaving roads free for essential cars and buses.

“Reduced congestion will allow buses to travel faster and leave space for bicycles.”

XR flagged up a quote from UN Secretary General António Guterres, in the week the UK recorded a temperature of 40C for the first time ever.

Mr Gutteres told ministers from 40 countries meeting to discuss the climate crisis: “Half of humanity is in the danger zone, from floods, droughts, extreme storms and wildfires. No nation is immune. Yet we continue to feed our fossil fuel addiction.

“We have a choice. Collective action or collective suicide. It is in our hands.”

Pictured top: The Extinction Rebellion bus at Clapham Common (Pictures: XR Wandsworth)


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