Where are fuel protests near London today? M25 and M4 affected

 Protests are expected to happen in England and Wales including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Fuel protests are to cause disruption to Londoners and across the country, as children celebrate the first day of their summer holidays.

Protesters plan to cause delays with “slow-moving roadblocks” on parts of the M25, M4 and other motorways, police warned.

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The RAC estimates that around 18.8 million leisure trips are planned in the UK between Friday and Monday, as schools across England and Wales break up for their summer holidays.

What group is behind the protests?

The group behind the protests, which is expected to cause disruption nationwide are named Fuel Price Stand Against Tax, and have a Facebook group that, at the time of writing, have almost 56,000 members.

They shared a post suggesting activists will assemble “nationwide” to make their voices heard.

Why are there protests?

The protests today (Friday, 22 July) are in retaliation to the record high fuel prices, which come at a time when the cost of living crisis has gripped the nation, with millions put under financial strain.

It’s been a tough few months for those filling up in the UK, with the average price of a litre of diesel reaching almost £2 not too long ago.

Records have been broken this year, with a 55-litre tank costing just over £100 back at the start of June, with the RAC declaring it a ‘dark day for drivers’.

Where in London is going to be affected?

In recent times, the M25 has been plagued by protests. Just this week alone, Just Stop Oil protests caused huge disruption in London, with the Protests blocking the motorway at Heathrow, Wisley and also the Dartford Crossing.

Protests from Just Stop Oil also occurred in April, at the Cobham services on the M25.

Today, a heavily affected road due to the protest will be M25 anticlockwise Junction 4 Bromley to Dartford.

Another motorway that is affected is the M4, which is a motorway in the United Kingdom running from west London to south-west Wales.

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What is the average price of fuel in the UK?

Petrol now costs on average 188.76p a litre and diesel 196.96p.

This compares to records of 191.5p and 199.1p respectively at the beginning of the month.

It’s a promising trend of fuel and diesel prices steadily falling, which will be welcomed news by everyone in the UK.

Will the price of petrol and diesel fall in the coming weeks?

The AA has recently admitted they expect fuel to fall in the coming weeks.

The AA has claimed that within a fortnight, the cost of filling up a car is set to be £10 cheaper as high prices are set to finally drop.

Wholesale petrol peaked above £1 a litre at the start of June but fell below 80p a litre for the majority of the past week, which indicates a fall of as much as 20p a litre at the pump within weeks.

Luke Bosdet at the AA said: “Wholesale petrol’s trajectory, if sustained, would lead to savings from the record highs – providing the fuel trade is prepared to pass them on.

“So far this morning, even with oil rebounding, wholesale petrol remains below 80.5p a litre.”


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