Vogue Williams has shared an inside look at her West London home, and it’s stunning

If you’re a devout listener of the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, you’ll understand why this is very important information.

A source of great intrigue for listeners, Vogue Williams’ eye for interiors ranges from the weird to the wonderful. Yes, I’m talking about her (seemingly growing) selection of taxidermy.

While she spends quite a bit of time in her newly-renovated house in Howth, it’s her swanky West London family home that Vogue has shared a glimpse of on Instagram as part of the All Round Mine Primark podcast.

Sharing the space with her husband Spencer Matthews and their three children, there’s an open-plan living area, a large outdoor terrace, and a whole lot of stylish accessories.

As she shows viewers around her sitting room, Vogue said: “Our sitting room is definitely one of our favourite areas in the house. This lamp is my friend’s Boss Studio – they are amazing furniture designers and interior designers. We got this sofa custom made from Love Your Home.”

Speaking on the creative flair that enhance the corners of her home, Vogue remarked that they’ve always had a lot of art everywhere. “All of that is mine, bar the bird,” she said. “Spenny likes to say he doesn’t like it, but I love it in the space. And I just recently got our coffee tables, which took me forever to decide upon, and then we have a nice colourful rug, a couple of side seats.”

Vogue Williams home

Getting into art through an ex a while back, Vogue has amassed quite the collection over the years, and has developed a taste for a great piece. From up-and-coming creatives to well-established names, the walls of Vogue Williams’ home are quite literally covered with art.

Vogue goes on to point out little poofs that the kids love jumping around on, before finally addressing the elephant in the room – or should I say, the lobster. “I’m always getting asked about [the lobster], and I adore it. I’m actually terrified of lobsters, but I adore this taxidermy lobster. I just think it’s so cool. We got it in St Barths and it was part of Spenny’s birthday present. Well, he had to pay for half of it. So this is his lobster, but we love it. Larry the Lobster.”

Vogue Williams home

Photography by All Round Mine with Primark.


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