New readers: Aoife Wychrij and Inigo Stenning | Readers’ Lives

Aoife Alexandra Wychrij was born on March 2, 2022, at Barnet General Hospital in north London to Claire, 38, and Andrew Wychrij, 32

Aoife’s parents are of Ukrainian and Irish descent, so they wanted to choose a name for her that honoured all parts of her identity.

In Irish mythology Aoife means “radiance” and denotes a feisty female warrior; her surname Wychrij, comes from “vikhr”, which means whirlwind in Ukrainian. She has her father’s blue eyes and long eyelashes and her mother’s lips and chin.

Aoife was born just weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine and it was a difficult time for the family. Her birth has, however, been a gift.

Having been born to the soundtrack of I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross,

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