Prolific Doodler welcomes Specsavers Home Visits Team for sight test

SPECSAVERS Home Visits Team were entertained by the wonderful array of artistic doodles and oil paintings when they recently visited customer Ronald Charlwood at his home in Enfield.

Mr Charlwood originally from Willesden, North West London has his regular bi-annual sight test at home because he has emphysema, which is a respiratory condition that affects his breathing, and therefore restricts his ability to walk very far. So it was incredibly helpful to have Specsavers visit him in the comfort of his own home.

During the visit on 15th December 2021, Kathika Loganathan, Optometrist, Specsavers Domiciliary North London conducted a range of sight tests, examining Mr Charlwood for a routine eye examination as he felt that his current glasses did not allow him to see as well. Mr Charlwood’s prescription for close work and reading was updated, so he opted for a new pair of frames.

Selecting from the diverse range at Specsavers, he chose Turboflex glasses which are very light and ultra-tough for durability. During the visit, Mr Charlwood revealed that the catalyst for starting to doodle, began over twenty years ago, when he lived in in Somerset where he had an incredibly demanding and full on job. During the evenings, Mr Charlwood still found his mind was very active and he had difficulty switching off and relaxing, after a hectic day. Not being a keen fan of watching hours of TV, he instead preferred to listen to music in the evenings.

Referring back to the exact moment when he put pen to paper, Mr Charlwood said; ‘One evening I was quietly listening to music and just watching the tropical fish that I used to breed, swimming around in the fish tank. With a Tia Maria and coffee as my nightly tipple, by my side, I picked up a pen and paper and started to doodle the fish as they glided by. It was from that moment on, that I realised I could switch off, and just let my mind wander.’

Continuing Mr Charlwood said; ‘I find it incredibly relaxing and rewarding. Over the years I have drawn guitars, being inspired by listening to Country and Western music, to wildlife such as tigers, and even birds of prey!’

Honing his artistic skills, Mr Charlwood has progressed to working with oils and painting portraits. As a result, he has many paintings of friends and family, and even more famous icons, including Marilyn Monroe dotted about his house. Those close to him are fortunate, as they will often receive a doodle or painting as a Christmas or birthday present.

Mr Charlwood said; ‘I dabbled in eBay for a short while, and even though I was offered over £300 for one of my Marilyn Monroe paintings, I couldn’t bear to part with any of them. My wife adores my collection of artwork, so we both derive a lot of pleasure from the doodles and paintings.

As fine art and painting are central to my daily life, ensuring that my glasses prescription is up to date is important, because without my glasses I wouldn’t be able to do either. It is fantastic that I can have my eyes tested at home, as I’m not that mobile these days, so I am grateful that Specsavers offer this at home service.

Ms Loganathan, optometrist for North London Specsavers Home visits said; ‘It was a pleasure to meet Ronald and to be shown some of his prized doodles and paintings, they really are inspiring. It’s great that our Home Visits team can meet patients and customers in their own homes, which is so much more convenient and relaxing for them. Keeping that eye test appointment is important, as the tests can reveal the general health condition of the individual, and can also reveal any potential underlying health issues.’

The Specsavers Home Visits team is working in line with Government guidance across the community. It also offers the ‘Ask The Expert service which is a
Facebook group designed to give people access to professionals seven days a week.

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