How to celebrate tonight’s supermoon in London

How to celebrate tonight’s supermoon in London


here are full moons, and then there are supermoons.

For the space and astronomy novices among us, a supermoon happens when a full moon occurs at the closest point to Earth during its orbit, and as a result it appears even larger and brighter than usual. And for those intoxicated by the idea of one, you’re in luck – the next one supermoon is taking place tonight and will last until July 15.

Typically, there are three to four supermoons annually. In 2022, there are two – June’s full Strawberry moon being the other.

Also known as the “Buck Moon” because male deer shed and regrow their antlers around this time of year, the best time to view this supermoon will be just after moonrise, which is around 9.45pm.

Spiritually, the supermoon emphasizes your hidden emotions, ideas, and thoughts, so this is the perfect time to reflect and release any pent up energy. To help you do so, here’s your essential list to mark this special occasion.

The best places to see it

A couple sitting in Primrose Hill looking at smog over London (Philip Toscano/PA)

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To get a good view of tonight’s moon, Dr Robert Massey, deputy executive director of The Royal Astronomical Society, advised that you need a perfect horizon, so you’d need to be looking out over “a very flat landscape or the sea”.

No specialist equipment is needed but it’s best to minimise the light in your vicinity and, ideally, watch from a spot where your line of sight won’t be obstructed by tall buildings or trees. For example, Primrose Hill, in North West London, offers stunning views of the skyline with the Moon sitting atop. So does Highgate Hill, in North-East London, while both Greenwich Park and Crystal Palace’s Westow Hill, in South East London, are also high points that will give you the best chance of enjoying the spectacle.

How to charge your crystals

Letting your crystals charge under thefull moon is the best way to get rid of any unwanted energy and make sure the stones are ready to be used in healing practices again.

To do this, simply lay your crystals outside in a safe place and leave overnight to bathe in the light of the full moon before collecting them in the morning. The ideal place to lay the stones is on a natural surface like grass but if that’s not possible (especially if you live in a flat), popping them on a windowsill will work too.

Don’t worry if your crystals aren’t in direct moonlight, especially if your window doesn’t face the moon because the stones will still be charged with the full moon’s energy.

Be sure to collect the crystals before the sun gets too harsh the next day as some stones like amethyst and aquamarine are sensitive to sunlight. Before popping your crystals out in the full moon, it’s also helpful to check the weather forecast for rain or heavy mist, as certain crystals like selenite, halite and calcite are sensitive to water and could be damaged if exposed to rain.

Stargazers across the UK are set to catch a glimpse of a bigger and brighter supermoon on Wednesday night (Danny Lawson/PA)

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Unmissable wellness classes

New Moon cacao + sonic ceremony

Where: The Mandrake hotel

When: July 26

Price: £50

Cacao is used as a Shamanic medicine to open up the heart. It enables takers to hear their true self, dissolve any pent up negative energy, and help them align with who they truly are.

In this workshop, which wil be led by Kate Fleur Young, space will be cleared for the magic in attendees’ lives to unfold through the next lunar cycle. “We can lean into the the powerful deep energies of this beautiful nurturing water sign and let go of trauma or blockages that are holding you back, release and rebalance on a deep cellular level and attune yourself with your higher power and magic,” says Fleur of the ceremony, which will use healing frequencies of the crystal bowls and Fleur’s vocals to induce attendees into a lucid space.

Buy tickets here.

Emmanuel –

Full Moon womens gong bath ceremony

Where: Open House Hackney

When: July 13

Price: £20

In ancient communities, women would gather together as a way to ground, centre and receive wisdom. In this ceremony, women of all ages and backgrounds will come together to recalibrate, incubate, dream, slow down, heal and reconnect to their own innate wisdom during this Buck Moon. Expect journal prompts, cups of mugwort tea and the mantric sounds of a gong.

Buy tickets here.

New moon in Leo manifestation evening

Where: St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

When: July 28

Price: £22

An intimate evening where attendees will cleanse their fields, heal, release and set intentions to manifest with the new lunar cycle. Expect plant blased Carribean food by Forever Vegan Kitchen, reiki healing sessions and meditation.

Buy tickets here.

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