Morning blaze causes early rail disruption at Victoria – South London News

Train tracks caught fire after a spark apparently ignited timber beams on a bridge in Battersea. 

The blaze, possible triggered by the soaring heatwave – which reached 32C in some parts of the capital – saw services suspended this morning before the rush hour commute. 

The fire was reported at 4.30am and extinguished at about 6am. Some services resumed at 6.30am but all three tacks were operational by 8.45am. 

It is believed that timbers caught fire, according to Network Rail, because they are so dry after a lengthy spell without rainfall.  

Many rail services have had to operate at reduced speeds due to high track temperatures, which can cause track buckling in extreme cases. 

The Met Office has warned that casually discarded cigarette butts and barbecues had the potential to wreak more havoc during the hot spell, which is expected to continue of the coming days. 

Picture: Wikimedia Commons/SavageKieran

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