BBC Radio 1’s Greg James on how his garden stopped him ‘going mad’ | Home

A few years ago Greg James did something that he is truly ashamed of and the BBC Radio 1 DJ has been wrestling with it ever since. He and his wife, the writer Bella Mackie, had bought a terraced house in north London and he’d set about trying to turn the “very, very sad” paved garden into an oasis. Only the grass didn’t take. “We had Barney [the couple’s labrador] and Bella’s two dogs, so I got AstroTurf. It’s my greatest shame,” he says, a cloud passing over his usually line-free face. “I will never stop apologising for it.”

James, 36, isn’t your typical gardener. The host of BBC Radio 1’s hugely successful breakfast show, his public persona is one of genial banter and celebrity

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