Unvaccinated against Covid-19 figures for south east London

Figures from NHS England show that Lewisham has the highest amount of unvaccinated people in south east London.

More than a quarter of adults in Lewisham have still not received any dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

196,936 people aged 18 and over in Lewisham had received their first Covid jab by June 5 – at least 71 per cent of those in the area.

This means that roughly 29 per cent of people in Lewisham still remain unvaccinated.

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This information is based on the number of people on the National Immunisation Management Service.

Meanwhile, Dartford and Bexley have the highest rates of vaccinated people, with just 16.1 per cent of the population remaining unvaccinated.

This means that around one in six adults in Dartford and Bexley have not yet received a coronavirus vaccine.

77,159 adults in Dartford and 169,735 in Bexley have had at least the first jab by June 5.

More than 74.1 per cent of those in Greenwich are vaccinated, with 25.9 per cent remaining unvaccinated.

191,277 people aged 18 and over in Greenwich had received a first dose of the vaccine by early June.

Bromley has 169,735 adults vaccinated with a first dose by June 5, around 83.9p per cent.

This means one in seven over 18’s or around 16.1 per cent of the Bromley borough remain unvaccinated.

All over-18s in England have been eligible to book a Covid vaccination since mid-June 2021.

For more information on Covid19 vaccinations, visit your local NHS trust website.

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