London School of Horticulture opens new site with Kew Gardens expert – South London News

A new horticulture school has opened following a surge of interest in gardening during the pandemic.

The London School of Horticulture has opened a new site in Telegraph Hill, Lewisham, with Kew Gardens-trained horticulturist Dr Mima Taylor.

Dr Taylor has specialised in horticulture since the 1990s, but in April this year started piloting lessons to students in classrooms in Telegraph Hill and Herne Hill.

Dr Taylor, director of studies, said: “Lockdown sparked a lot of interest in gardening, and many of us discovered the positive impact it has on our mental health.

“There is very little available for the keen amateur gardener. We have opened the London School of Horticulture to widen the reach of horticulture education in London and make it accessible to everyone eager to learn.”

The school, which says it offers courses at a fraction of the cost of top gardening schools, has been established to answer a growing need for quality and affordable horticulture education in London.

According to the Horticulture Trades Associates, three million new gardeners emerged across the nation during lockdown, with 2.3m continuing their new hobby into this year. 

After trialling the classes with more than 50 people, the school is now launching its first one-year course ‘A Year in the Garden’.

The course will follow a year of gardening through the seasons, while teaching the key skills and knowledge covered in traditional colleges including design, planting and maintenance.

Short courses start at £45 for a one-day workshop or £80 for a two-day course, while the year-long course starting in September is just under £2,000 for the year and can be paid for in instalments.

Pictured: Classroom at Rosendale Allotments, Herne Hill (Picture: London School of Horticulture)

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