You can pay for your cocktails in selfies instead of money at this London bar

Google whisky drinker’ and you’re bound to see a disproportionate number of white men appear over any other gender or ethnicity. But don’t fear, The Glenlivet – a Speyside single malt scotch whisky – is here to change that perception. They’ll do it by infiltrating search engine algorithms and purposefully planting images to change the visual landscape. 

And you can help them on their mission. Partnering with east London neighbourhood bar Coupette, they’re holding a #BreakTheStereotype pop-up event with the aim of doing just that. Though the ‘whisky drinker’ image search isn’t so diverse, they hope that soon we’ll see a more accurate representation of ‘real’ whisky drinkers as part of the campaign. Research conducted by Pernod Ricard shows that a third of people who drink whisky around the world are women.

A portion of proceeds from each cocktail purchased beyond the complimentary drink will be donated to Equal Measures, an organisation that strives for greater equity for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups in hospitality. The Glenlivet is also supporting Equal Measures through its Education and Mentorship Scheme by providing up to 30 participants from Black and Minority Ethnic and marginalised communities with access to qualifications, mentorship and opportunities. 

The event is taking place this week (until June 19). All they ask is that you head down to Coupette, choose a cocktail from its #BreakTheStereotype menu and upload a picture of yourself holding the drink. And don’t forget to tag #BreakTheStereotype and @theglenlivet!  

You’ll have a choice between four whisky-based cocktails that reflect Londoners’ contemporary and eclectic tastes. With twists on original cocktails, such as the Banana & Coffee Manhattan, which uses The Glenlivet’s Caribbean Reserve, mixed with acidified bold brew coffee, banana bread distillate and banana syrup.

This Hackney café lets you pay in good deeds instead of cash. 

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