Heath Robinson Museum celebrates artist’s 150th birthday

ART met science at a celebration of the 150th birthday of a illustrator known for his unlikely inventions and contraptions.

The Heath Robinson Museum organised a whacky fair for families to enjoy around the lake in Pinner Memorial Park

Thanks to a grant from The Royal Society, internet/media sensation Joseph’s Machines challenged 10 teams to build a machine using cardboard and cups to transport a ball.

The West London Meccano Society demonstrate their models

The West London Meccano Society were out in force demonstrating their moving models, while The Cartoon Museum’s stall helped everyone find their inner muse; and there were engineering challenges to build the tallest structure, out of junk or K’nex construction toys, while Headstone Museum invited visitors to try their hand at traditional toys and games.

Among the visitors wer art historian Peter Higginson, the great nephew of “Uncle Will” Heath Robinson, who was joined by cartoonist and author Robert Duncan.

Cartoonist and author Robert Duncan at the Heath Robinson Museum

Cartoonist and author Robert Duncan at the Heath Robinson Museum

Robert said: “You get the perfection in the artwork, you get the crazy idea and just the feeling that the whole thing will probably work! And it’s all in Pinner, which happens to be the place where I was born and brung up. It’s good to come back to Pinner anyway, but to see something like this is just incredible.”

The Humour of William Heath Robinson exhibition runs until September 4.

A visitor plays with Meccano

A visitor plays with Meccano

The next exhibition, Modern Carpet with Endless Entertainment for your Friends, runs from June 1 to 30. It features an installation which recreates one of Robinson’s illustrations taken from the book “How to Live in a Flat”. The carpet consists of several board games and will be available for visitors to interact with during museum opening hours.

Heath Robinson Museum, in Pinner Memorial Park, West End Lane, Pinner, is open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 4pm with entry fee which includes exhibition. Visit heathrobinsonmuseum.org for information.

Captioned images and interviews with cartoonist Robert Duncan and curator, Geoffrey Beare which you are welcome to inbed are here Please credit Lucinda MacPherson for the still images and Beverly Peter for the videos.


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