Acid James has started dropping tunes from his new album this week – News

Producer and DJ Acid James has started releasing tracks from his album, ‘Breaking Through Part II’, in what he coins a “waterfall release”, where a new track is dropped each month with the full album being available on October 7.

The first tune, ‘I’m Calling’, is accompanied by self-produced visuals which shows the producer somewhat fittingly having a solo rave in a phone box to align with the track’s name.

James’ intention for a gradual release is to take listeners on a journey through the summer and autumn months.

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“The concept of Part II compared to Part I is that the tracks get more distorted and granular, like the songs are breaking through or breaking apart,” he explains. “Even the artwork I have created for the vinyl sleeve looks like it is fragmenting and breaking up into small pieces. The cover art will slowly zoom out through each digital release to see the bigger picture. If you zoom closely into the artwork on the hi-res image, you will see small glitter bits in the design that resemble tiny atoms breaking apart.

“The idea is that as an artist, I am breaking through and alongside the listeners, who are being transported on their own auditory psychedelic journey.”

The release of the album will be concluded on November 18, with a party in London and the official vinyl drop via the artist’s imprint, NOIDEA.

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Currently based in the UK, James has previously held residencies worldwide in locations such as Melbourne and Amsterdam. He’s scheduled to play underground music and arts event Westival in July, where he’ll be playing some of the unreleased album tracks.

His career has also seen him heavily involved in education, working with Pirate Studios and Virtuoso in their online platform sharing insight into building a career within dance music alongside names such as Carl Cox and Jaguar.

‘Breaking Through Part II’ began its gradual release this week, and you can keep up to date with each new track here.

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