Royal Family: Prince William visits unsung heroes of Deborah James’ heart-breaking cancer battle

Prince William visited a specialist London cancer hospital this week to meet the unsung heroes who have cared for Deborah James throughout her five-year battle with bowel cancer. The Duke of Cambridge met staff at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea on Tuesday (May 24) where he discussed their “inspirational work”.

The Duke has been the President of The Royal Marsden since May 2007 and recently visited Deborah, who campaigns under the name Bowel Babe, to personally deliver her damehood. The 40-year-old mum has been living with stage four bowel cancer since her diagnosis in December 2016 but has now been moved into hospice-at-home care where she is surrounded by family.

William was spotted chatting with nurses, donning scrubs with surgeons, and mixing with senior hospital managers, as they explained the latest technology in the fight against cancer. He said: ” The Royal Marsden’s life saving treatment and research is improving cancer outcomes for people across the country. With the use of robotic-guided procedures, they’re delivering faster, more accurate and therefore more effective treatment.”

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William scrubbed up with doctors to check out their latest robotic technology

“On top of that, it’s clear to see the efforts all of the Marsden’s staff go to in ensuring their patients feel at home during difficult times. It was great to meet some of the team who’ve cared for Bowel Babe and to take a moment to thank everyone here for their inspirational work.”

In a week in which Dame Deborah told The Sun she was “scared to go to sleep” as she gets end -of-life care, adoring fans have said how touching it was for the Duke to make the visit. Jenny Lear said: “Ahhh, Prince William, always ready to learn, knowing what to ask, and listening intently to answers to his questions. Showing that it’s his wish to learn, he will be such a great King. Love that he supports the Royal Marsden.”

Prince William at the Royal Marsden

The Prince has been the president of the hospital since 2007 – taking on the same role as his mum Princess Diana

Stej Souza said he was the “Prince of people’s hearts”, while some fans suggested William looked dishy in his surgical attire. John Beene said: “Wills looking hot in scrubs”. Another commenter said “William looks very handsome in scrubs”, while another said “Prince William if you’re actually a doctor you belong to the handsome group”.

Bowel Babe has raised nearly £7million for future research into cancer and you can donate here.

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