Why I live in Queen’s Road Peckham: Author Rosa Rankin-Gee’s area guide


ne of the things I love about Queen’s Road is that it’s in between lots of places.

It has its own vibe but you’re 10 minutes from Peckham, Nunhead, Deptford, New Cross.

I grew up in north London then lived in Paris and when I moved back, south London felt exciting, like a new city. We’ve renovated our flat and the dust is still settling but I love it.

Eating and drinking

As a writer, coffee shops are where I spend a huge amount of time and I try to distribute my burden. Well & Fed on Queen’s Road is the closest and I go there the most. There’s a new place called Corner Store on Peckham Road, which is beautifully done and really nice.

The local restaurant empire is Kudu, a South African mini chain. They’ve got their flagship restaurant on Queen’s Road, a cocktail bar under the railway arches, and a grill now.

Head to Peckham Cellars on Queen’s Road for good wine

/ Adrian Lourie

The sorrel juice at Tops Caribbean on Queen’s Road is amazing; on the same street I could eat at Pedler Good Fortune every day if I had to. It’s a super relaxed, pan-Asian fusion place.

On Evelina Road is a builders’ caff I find myself in far too frequently called Crossways. Their plates are double the size of other places. The Good Anchor is a nice pub and Peckham Cellars has good wine.

Where I work out

I should work out but I don’t. The best local park is Telegraph Hill, which is one of the most beautiful places. The views are amazing and there’s a free tennis court there. Unfortunately it’s up a very steep hill so every time I attempt to run there it reminds me how unfit I am.


To commune with nature

There are two parks at Telegraph Hill and they’re both really beautiful. The upper park is like a grass amphitheatre looking out over London, it feels like something you shouldn’t be able to afford but it’s free. I’ve discovered I’m a real Greenwich girl, too: 14 minutes on a bus and you’re in the 17th century.

For a culture fix

I’m a massive Peckhamplex fan — £4.99 all day, every day.

South London Gallery is beautiful and has a great cafe. And the Review Bookshop on Bellenden Road.

Review Bookshop on Bellenden Road

/ Adrian Lourie

Grocery shopping

The best area near my house is Nunhead, you feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, like, “There goes the baker…”

Shops like Soper, the fishmonger, and Beaumonts, the grocer, have been there for years: their produce is amazing but it’s not astronomically expensive. There’s even a vermouth shop.

Getting around

We’re about four minutes’ walk from Queen’s Road station and it’s eight minutes to London Bridge, or it’s on the Overground, too, which gets you up to east London, or Canada Water in two stops.

Dream street

If I was going to be randomly given a property on any street I’d choose St Mary’s Road. You’ve got the Pioneer Centre, which is a modernist glass building, and then there are also beautiful period houses. I’ve walked down that street and the windows have been open and one time there’s been a cellist and another time a pianist playing and I think that’s really special.

Get on board: skateboarders outside Queen’s Road station

/ Adrian Lourie

Something you only see in Queen’s Road

The skateboarders of Queen’s Road just outside the station. It’s such a mixed age, mixed gender, mixed everything group of people who skate.

What’s the catch?

Having friends in Tufnell Park. Any deep north London people look at their Google Maps and see 12km away and give up. It’s time to get rid of them. I’ll get new friends around here.

In three words

Perfect South Pole.

Dreamland, by Rosa Rankin-Gee, will be published in paperback tomorrow, May 26 (Simon & Schuster)

What it costs to live in Queen’s Road

Buying in Queen’s Road

Average house price: £762,968

Average flat price: £414,989

Renting in Queen’s Road

Average house pcm: £2,344

Average flat pcm: £1,602


Good primary schools are plentiful near Queen’s Road, with Hollydale, St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary, Harris, Kender, Edmund Waller and Pilgrm’s Way all receiving the rating from Ofsted. The St Thomas the Apostle College is an outstanding secondary option for boys.


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